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What Is It

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AML Compliance Manager™ from FIS™ empowers your organization with an advanced toolset to facilitate your AML program with faster, automated decision-making. Using artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, this solution eliminates manually intensive tasks and significantly reduces false positives that contribute to escalating operational costs. Data integration and transition to this software service are easier with open, cloud-based architecture and a client-centered implementation approach focused on speed to value.

With AML Compliance Manager™, AML professional work more efficiently and effectively. With automated workflow and decision management, there are fewer manual tasks to complete and a reduction in false positives. AML profrssionals can dedicate more time to the highest risk alerts and other value added activities.

With AML Compliance Manager™ reduces overall operating risk, supports governance with internal standards and delivers consistent adherence to policies and other AML program requirements. As a software as a service, this solution is backed by FIS™, a leading global provider of outsourced services, and powered by FICO™ technology, a leading global provider of financial services technology.

AML Compliance Manager™ Innovative Technology benefits AML Professionals to meet their AML regulatory requirements in a way that:
  • Reduces time-draining false positives
  • Effectively manages decisioning
  • Gains operational efficiencies to best leverage staff
  • Uses of machine learning analytics and intelligent behavioral profiling to improve alert quality
  • Uses explainable artificial intelligence for model transparency and governance
  • Integrates a powerful decision management tools for consistent application of AML program policies and controls
  • Leverages on workflow automation including robotic processing automation for operational efficiency

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