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WaterFord Technologies Company Profile

WaterFord Technologies™ is our partner for email content analysis and for email movement into, out and within a company's employees, analysis.


WaterFord Technologies™ is specialists in Unstructured Data (Email and File) Management, GDPR, Compliance, and Archive Software. WaterFord Technologies™ vision started with the idea that there is valuable business information stored in a company’s email system, not just in the email content, but in context of the ways email moves through a company.
Information about who is talking to who, what are they talking about, what data is being moved into and out of a company; information that defines how and why a company and its employees use email. With the idea that email context has value, Waterford Technologies™ was founded in 2000 in Waterford, Ireland and the first product MailMeter Insight was launched .

Email Management and Email Content Analysis
MailMeterOn Premise or On Cloud
MailMeter is a comprehensive Email Archive, Storage and Content Analyis Solution. It Covers Storage Management, Quick eDiscovery and Investigations, Individual Search & Retrieval, Compliance Review, Powerful Drill-Down Intelligence Reporting, Email Archiving and Email Retention Management.
Supports MS Exchange, Domino, Zarafa, MS Office 365 and Google Mail.

File Analysis and File Archiving
SISCINis a File Analysis and Archiving solution hosted in Azure. SISCIN™ provides full visibility of your entire file server data with a single dashboard.  Allows creation of policies based on data profile for retention, deduplication or archiving and enables full control in managing your file data.
Vue-X new modules provides advanced content indexing, search and analysis capabilities to identify, locate, retrieve and delete data for GDPR compliance assistance, DSAR (Data Subject Access Requests) and eDiscovery management.

Compliance Solutions
ComplyKEY™ is WaterFord Technologies™ Compliance Suite which consists of SISCIN, including the Vue-X module and MailMeter, which combined solves Unstructured Data search and management and helps organizations becoming compliant with GDPR. ComplyKEY™ provides:
  • DSAR Capabilities
  • Search Personal and Sensitive Data
  • Review and Analyze Data
  • Create Data Management Policies
  • Email and File Compliance in the Cloud
  • Encrypt Email and File Data via Archiving

For additional information please visit:

WaterFord Technologies™ corporate site at www.waterfordtechnologies.com

AML On-Line by CubeIQ Ltd. :: www.cubeiq.gr

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