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Securities Solution

The Solutions

Prime Compliance Suite addresses key concerns facing brokers and dealers with innovative and powerful solutions.

The Challenge
Increasingly, regulators are looking for securities firms to provide evidence of anti-money laundering efforts and customer identity verification. Furthermore, the USA Patriot Act requires securities firms conduct OFAC filtering.

The Solution
FIS Risk and Compliance Solutions offers several products of interest to securities firms, including OFAC Reporter and EDD Reporter. OFAC Reporter enables a firm to meet the regulatory demands of the Office of Foreign Assets Control, while EDD Reporter provides powerful identity verification tools useful in constructing customer acceptance models. FIS also offers BSA Reporter, a tool useful in construct risk profiles to combat fraud and money laundering.

The Benefits
Prime Compliance Suite provides an integrated solution to the problems of regulatory compliance, customer verification and anti-fraud requirements. FIS offers the most cost-effective solution in the industry.

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