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Regulatory Reporting (US)

The Products
Legal Reporter is designed to comply with the requests for information from regulatory and legal entities. This module of Prime Compliance Suite of products will not only track requests, but their responses as well.

The system will provide functionality to address the major tasks in responding to requests for information:
  • Importing identifying information of requested parties.
  • Searching for the presence of data that corroborates the request.
  • Examining the results of the search and determining which records are of interest.
  • Approving of the proposed response by authorized personnel.
  • Reporting/outputting of the desired search results.

Legal Reporter provides powerful matching algorithms, facilitating SQL query functionality, transaction information and CIF searching.

Information regarding the request, requestor, and the response(s) to each request will be maintained, and the information may be manipulated or annotated by authorized personnel. Once a response is approved for transmittal, it may be distributed in either a paper or electronic format to the requesting agency.

The labor-intensive process of fulfilling ever-increasing requests for information in tight timeframes can and must be automated to increase an organization’s operational effectiveness. The introduction of Legal Reporter will save time and money for institutions complying with the demands and responsibilities of operating in today’s regulatory environment.

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