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Proteus-Cyber Company Profile

Our partner for providing GDPR Compliance solutions and consulting services is Proteus-Cyber Limited.

Proteus-Cyber is a company passionate about helping organizations use their existing infrastructure in conjunction with Proteus®GRCyber™ to create a single, integrated, web based, multi-agent cyber protection system to secure their businesses in the current climate of insecurity. With its Proteus®GDPReady™ product Proteus-Cyber helps organizations to comply with GDPR an European Union regulation, EU/2016/679, which affects all organization located in EU processing personal data and all organizational outside EU processing personal data of EU citizens and which comes in force on May 25th, 2018.

Proteus-Cyber provides the following software products:
Proteus®GDPReady™ fully supports the GDPR process with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 articles built in, providing the DPO with a ready-made suite of tools to model business processes, define what sensitive data exists and where it is, and perform multi-phase Data Privacy Impact Assessments.
Comprehensive view of where Personal Identifiable Data resides in your organization, Scored readiness evaluation and graphical illustration of compliance gaps, Roadmap for compliance with recommendations for immediate action, Insights to start building a robust data protection framework and inform your future technology choices, Helps meet the regulation requirements at a reduced cost, and potentially huge fines mitigated, not to mention reputational damage averted, Snapshot of legal landscape and your potential exposure - Easy, fast breach reporting, Vendor risk management for audits.
Proteus®GDPReady+ is an optional addition to Proteus®GDPReady and consists of a third party product, the data listener, which has been integrated with Proteus®GDPReady™. This additional capability allows the organization to respond to data subject access requests. A core requirement of GDPR is the individual’s right to see their data, to correct it, to pass it to another supplier, to be forgotten, etc, and it the Personal Data Listener that collects this information irrespective of the systems and applications on which it resides. Many organizations find that this is a major challenge in their desire to become GDPR compliant and are considering modifying their applications or introducing another data warehouse. Proteus®GDPReady+™ is a more effective and almost certainly much more cost effective solution.

Proteus®GRCyber™ helps organizations protect against cyber threats. It prepares organizations from inside, verifies from outside and discovers attacks. It speaks your language at all levels, from lowly network up to board level, giving you both confidence and risk information aligned to your business objectives. With Proteus®GRCyber™ an organization can Verify Compliance & Define Policies, Do Risk Assessments, Modeling Business Processes, Security Awareness Training, Planning Business Continuity Planning, Visualizing How Threats and Breaches Affects Company Operations with RiskView2™, Staff Profiling, Intelligence-Led Risk Management, Network Traffic Surveillance, Penetration & Vulnerability Testing, Log and Patch Management, and Incident Track with Project Management and Tasks Allocation.

Services and Support

CubeIQ and Proteus-Cyber firmly believe that the quality of support is key to our long-term customer relationships. To that end, we offer a unique program of training, maintenance, and support that extends far beyond traditional maintenance programs. These services are delivered by highly trained staff with appropriate banking experience.

Proteus software is provided on a SaaS (Software As A Service) basis. Enterprise, Basic & SME versions can be hosted in the Cloud, on secure servers within the EU. or on-premises, as required.

Proteus®GDPReady™ Rated #1 by users in GDPR Compliance

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