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ComplyAdvantage™ Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)  Database

There are millions of people around the world in Politically Exposed Positions and even more related or associated entities, and this dynamic data is constantly changing.

100% PEP Profiles Checked for Updates daily
  • Our PEP profiles are structured with International Sanctions and Adverse Media data, enhanced with pictures, media articles & easy to read snippets
  • We use the latest technologies such as machine learning, guided and quality assured by risk experts, to monitor new and existing Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), and their web of connections. Our approach enables us to monitor more data sources and identify risk signals more quickly and comprehensively than traditional methods that rely on human analysts.
  • With enhanced profiles, and easy-to-use features for flexible screening and tailored alerts, you can identify real risks faster and reduce false positives.

Risk-based Categorization of PEPs
We categorize PEPs Database entries into four (4) levels for flexible and risk-based screening, in line with FATF guidance.

Level - I PEPs: High Risk
  • Heads of state and government
  • Members of government (national and regional)
  • Members of Parliament (national and regional)
  • Heads of military, judiciary, law enforcement and board of central banks
  • Top ranking officials of political parties

Level - II PEPs: Medium Risk
  • Senior officials of the military, judiciary, and law enforcement agencies
  • Senior officials of the other state agencies and bodies and high ranking civil servants
  • Senior members of religious groups
  • Ambassadors, consuls, high commissioners

Level - III PEPs: Medium Risk
  • Senior management and board of directors of state-owned businesses and organizations

Level - IV PEPs: Low Risk
  • Mayors and members of local, county, city and district assemblies
  • Senior officials and functionaries of international or supranational organizations

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