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Large Bank Solution

The Solutions

Large bank employees know that their class of institutions face particular issues and concerns. Prime Compliance Suite address these key concerns with innovative and powerful solutions.

The Challenge
For many large banks, implementing thorough know-your-customer policies have become increasingly difficult. In a world of online banking and multiple, remote avenues available for transactions, customers have become more anonymous and banks expose themselves to greater risks, especially in light of the enhanced due-diligence requirements of the USA Patriot Act.

The Solution
Prime Compliance Suite and Compliance Databank can work together to provide a compelling solution to large bank problems. Just ask Deutsche Bank or Mellon Bank, two of our largest clients, how FIS' regulatory solution provides ever up-to-date regulatory compliance solutions for the requirements of BSA, OFAC, EDD, the USA Patriot Act and more.

The Benefits
As a centralized compliance hub, Prime Compliance Suite provides dynamic, interactive links to multiple systems within the application architecture of an organization, and it integrates seamlessly with financial applications on disparate hardware and operating systems. This minimizes system implementation and maintenance costs and delivers consistent compliance services throughout the enterprise.

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