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Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer is a company specialized in KYC compliance.

Established in Hong Kong in 2015, Know Your Customer has built a state of the art platform revolutionizing the world of KYC compliance. Company’s mission is to fully digitize and streamline the onboarding process for both corporate and individual customers, improving efficiency and strengthening compliance.

With offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, and Dublin and team members across 17 different countries, Know Your Customer has quickly established a global presence and a reputation for excellence. Company’s clients span across 11 sectors, including banking, FinTech, insurance, payments, real estate, asset management and legal, among others, and 18 jurisdictions and they are using Know Your Customer technology to verify and onboard customers from more than 180+ countries and juristictions,

Global attention to money laundering and financing of terrorism practices has grown exponentially in recent years. As criminals constantly come up with new tactics, financial regulators frequently update compliance requirements in their fight against dirty money.

From the beginning, Know Your Customer has constantly focused on developing a cutting-edge, market-leading solution that truly addresses organizations’ compliance needs, yet flexible enough to adapt to new requirements and industry standards as they are introduced.

Know Your Customer are deeply committed to enabling transparency and clean business practices through the power of automation. Company objective is to ensure that their technology stays one step ahead of key trends in customer experience, helping clients deliver the digital journeys and interactions that their end users now expect from them.

Know Your Customer has built a range of extremely sophisticated yet easy-to-use digital solutions that are setting a new standard in the space of regulatory compliance and customer onboarding. The configurable, country-specific workflows make it easy to follow best practices in compliance with international and local regulations.

The customer support team of experts are always just one click away delivering an exceptional customer support, anticipating clients’ jurisdictional and regulatory needs of tomorrow.

For additional information please visit:
Know Your Customer corporate site at www.knowyourcustomer.com

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