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The Products

The Prime Compliance Suite from FIS Risk and Compliance Solutions is an integrated suite of software products designed for use by the financial services industry. Many of the world's leading banks, brokerage houses and insurance companies use Metavante's Prime Compliance Suite to meet the compliance requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act, the USA Patriot Act, the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), the European Union but also other International & National regulatory requirements.

For a full in house AML system deployment, the following modules and services are available:

Prime Compliance Suite software modules and professional services:

FIS’ BSA Reporter
Detection, Analysis & Reporting of Suspicious Transaction.

FIS’ EDD Reporter
Know Your Customer – KYC with Enhanced Due Diligence & Customer Identification Program – CIP, Customer Automatic Profile Risk Rating & Ongoing Risk Review, Customer Onboarding and Acceptance.

FIS’ OFAC Reporter
Customers Names Filtering Against Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) Lists, CIF Filtering, Real-time Interfaces for Names Filtering Interfaces.

FIS’ Databank
SDN List provision including OFAC, EU Consolidated EU, UN Consolidated, Politically Exposed Persons - PEP, Financial Exposed Persons FEP, in total 39 International SDN Lists are available.

FIS’ Legal Reporter
Comprehensive Search and Reporting of Customers, Accounts and Transactions and Matches Review for USA, USA Territories and Countries Following US Regulations.

FIS' Training Reporter
Enables organizations to effectively manage AML staff training & educational  activities.

SwallowTech’s SMART-AML
SWIFT Alliance Server certified plug-in. SWIFT Transaction tracking down and screening in real time preventing any payment order, violating AML/CTF regulations and other sanctions, to be executed. SWIFT transaction real-time names filtering.

CubeIQ’s Implementation and Consulting Services
CubeIQ contributes experts who understand your business, compliance, and technology need who provide AML systems' full pre-production and post-production full implementation, support and maintenance services

CubeIQ’s PCS™ Toolset
A number of tools for automating PCS™ functions:
  • PCS™ Database Direct Update for Currency Transaction Report (CTR) Amount and Exemption List fields.
  • PCS™ Reporting Internationalization.
  • PCS™ Group Profiling Reports.

CubeIQ’s Legal and Audit Manager
Automated Management of Regulatory Authorities Requests for Customer Information, Manual or Automated Storage of Regulatory Authorities Requests Documents, Comprehensive Search and Reporting of Customers, Accounts and Transactions and Match Review. Generate Reports (Output Files) to Regulatory Authorities in different file formats (word, pdf, html, odt, and others). Storage and Lock of Reported Searches Outcome in a Historical Database for Future Reference and Audit Purposes.

CubeIQ’s AML On-Line™
AML On-Line™: Names Filtering Against Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) Lists. Single Name Search, Batch File Names Search, Output in html and downloadable pdf formats.

CubeIQ’s Private SDN List Management
Creation and Management of Multiple Private SDN Lists and Automated Update of PCS™ OFAC Reporter Database for Names Filtering.

CubeIQ’s Regulatory Authorities Reporting
  • FFI FATCA-2 (XML Schema 2.0) Reporting.
  • DAC2/CRS Reporting.
  • OECD/CRS Reporting.
  • Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) and Currency Transaction Report (CTR) to FIU, Central Bank and other Local Regulatory Authorities. These reports are customizable per country and per case.

CubeIQ’s PCS™ OFAC Reporter™ Web Service On-Line Bridge
A bridge software application between third party software applications that cannot use web services technology and PCS™ OFAC Reporter™ Web Services.

CubeIQ’s Training Manager
A database application for tracking institution’s employees training requirements in relation with institution’s AML and Compliance program. Effectively manage employees training activities and ensuring that institution's employees meet AML training objectives

CubeIQ’s UBO Database (under development)
A data base application for storing and management of institution’s customers, customers’ correspondents and customer’s customers to which money are transferred, Ultimate Beneficial Owners identification details.

GDPR Compliance
GDPR Compliance solution in terms of Data Risk Assessment (GDPR Analysis), Data Risk Assessment Remediation. Private Data (a) Locations, (b) Storage, (c) Management and (d) Processing, Technology and Procedures Registration, Presentation and Regulatory Reporting.

By partnering with CubeIQ and FIS Risk and Compliance Solutions, the following benefits are archived:  

  • A comprehensive system of record for the entire bank's anti-money laundering compliance needs.

  • A solution that integrates effectively with the other systems in place at the bank, as well as a solid methodology for that integration.

  • A long-term relationship with a vendor-partner that not only offers software, but also provides regulatory data and professional services.

  • The ability to confidently grow their business, knowing that their compliance with the U.S.A. (Bank Secrecy Act & USA PATRIOT Act), European Union and international regulatory requirements is in good hands.

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