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CubeIQ Ltd.

CubeIQ Limited is an IT company specializing in Business Process Re-engineering, focused in the Banking and Electronic Transaction Processing market. Our leading-edge software solutions and systems and our re-engineering consulting services can transform business processes in a more efficient, more productive and cost effective way.
CubeIQ was founded in 2003 by a group of professionals with long and successful presence in the Greek and European Banking markets.

By establishing co-operations with multi-national software development, hardware and systems integrations companies CubeIQ focuses in providing turnkey solutions, system and application integration services, autonomous software applications and business process re-engineering consulting services mainly to the financial, banking and securities market of Greece, South-eastern Europe and Near Middle East.
For further business development in specific technological sectors, CubeIQ creates vertical business units aiming to the acceleration of technological evolution and to the focused commercial development of specialized products and solutions.

One such unit covers the products, systems and solutions related to Risk & Compliance in Financial, Banking, Insurance and Securities industries.
Though a network of partners, value added resellers and agents we are conducting business in the following courtiers:
Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Hergecovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia.
Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine
Jordan and Egypt
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