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Welcome to CubeIQ Web Site for Anti Money Laundry - AML Products and Services.
Today, there are a growing number of demands for Banks and Financial Institutions to comply with requirements set forth by government regulators. CubeIQ AML Products and the AML On-Line™ Service provide the ability to check a customer against the many global sanctioned party data lists from around the world, as well as against databases such as Politically Exposed Persons and Financial Fraudsters.

AML Products.
CubeIQ provides a complete suite of integrated software products designed for use by the financial services industry in order to to meet the compliance requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act, the USA Patriot Act, the Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), the European Union but also other International & National regulatory requirements.

Answer to our on line AML Questionnaire in order to receive more information about our AML & Compliance products and services.

AML On-Line™ Service.

CubeIQ have designed and developed the AML On-Line™ platform in order to provide a low cost, affordable and easily accessible way of filtering individual, company, vessel and any entity names against all major Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) and Blocked Persons lists as well as
Watchlists and PEP list.
AML On-Line™ platform is offered either as a Cloud Service or as on Premises Web Based application.

You can use the AML On-Line™ Cloud Service by registering here.

Prime Compliance Databank

CubeIQ AML Solutions and AML On-Line™ Service utilizes the Prime Compliance Databank database, which is in use by major financial institutions, and provides a myriad of compliance related database information from around the world. The two systems (AML On-Line & Prime Databank) work together to provide seamless access to critical information by performing individual searches giving you instant results. Thus allowing you to identify if your customers are on any global compliance databases, all from your web browser.


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GDPR Compliance Services.
CubeIQ, with a team of qualified consultants, legal experts and IT professionals are at your disposal to undertake full or partial the GDPR Compliance Project as well as to provide clarifications and guidance on the obligations imposed by the new Regulation for Personal Data Protection.

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