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Welcome to AMLInfo Web Site for Regulatory Compliance Technology - AML & Compliance Products and Services.
Today, there are a growing number of demands for Banks and Financial Institutions to comply with requirements set forth by government regulators. CubeIQ AML Regulatory Compliance Technology provides the ability to comply with AML/CFT/KYC regulations and legislation.
With AML Online™ Service a customer is checked against the many global watchlist and sanctioned party data lists from around the world, as well as against databases such as Politically Exposed Persons and Financial Fraudsters.

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2023/11/29: CubeIQ Announces Data Protection Compliance Enhancement Solutions Reports. >> more
2023/09/01: CubeIQ Announces Reports Provision for Know Your Corporate Customer. >> more

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Know Your Corporate Customer

Corporate customers onboarding and KYC is an essential part of any regulated organization Up to date the majority of companies struggle with manual processes, limited data sources, restricted document access and language barriers. This lengthy, frustrating and inefficient experience makes customers drop off and compliance teams waste time and money. By partnering with CubeIQ and Know Your Customer, and using our KYB Platform you can quickly transform your organization’s corporate onboarding and due diligence process from a distressing and inefficient procedure to a seamless and fast experience for everyone involved: end customers, compliance staff and, ultimately, regulators.
AML On-Line™ Service

CubeIQ have designed and developed the AML On-Line™ platform in order to provide a low cost, affordable and easily accessible way of filtering individual, company, vessel and any entity names against all major Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) and Blocked Persons lists as well as International Watch-lists and PEP list. AML On-Line™ platform is offered either as a Cloud Service or as on Premises Web Based application.
You can use the AML On-Line™ Cloud Service by registering here.
CIQ Know Your Business Report

You can retrieve official corporate information about legal entities globally. Our new CIQ Know Your Business Reports provide important information on companies’ shareholders’ structures, signatories, controlling persons, executive directors and UBOs and includes the official mandatory documents retrieved from the company registry in real-time.
You can buy a CIQ Know Your Business Report here.
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