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How To

AML On-Line™
AML On-Line™ platform service is one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective compliance tool.

Protect your institution from financial criminals, money launderers, and terrorist funding. AML On-Line™ is a convenient way to identify Financial Fraudsters, Politically & Financially Exposed Persons, and those on government sanctions lists.

Enroll to the service by contacting a CubeIQ representative using the Contact web page or by registering to the service at the Registration web page.

Also you can send an email to the corresponding email address with your company's details such as:

  • Company name and company legal name
  • Company's full address
  • Telephone & fax numbers
  • Company's legal representative full name, address, telephone & fax numbers and email address
  • Contact person full name, address, telephone & fax numbers and email address
  • VAT number and Tax Office Name (for organizations inside EU requiring an invoice)
  • Number of accounts and time duration for each account

  1. Following your email a CubeIQ representative will contact you in order to discuss product options, pricing and send you a financial offer.
  2. The next step is to accept the offer by  transferring the equivalent amounts to CubeIQ's bank account presented in the financial offer.
  3. Last step is the issuance of user names & passwords pairs for the number of users requested.  User name & passwords will be emailed to you in a secure way.

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