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CubeIQ Approach for GDPR Compliance

Data Risk Assessment
The first step is to assess organization’s risk from personal data management due to General Data Protection Regulation, 2016/679/EU. This is accomplished by registering and analyzing organization's business processes that are related with personal data management.
Integrated data risk assessment by depicting organization’s processes related to customers’, partners’ and employees’ personal data.
Detailed and comprehensive view of organization’s identifiable personal data storage, access and processing.
Data breach evaluation and risk scoring (data assessment scoring) based on where (data storage), who (data access) and how (data processing) data are managed.
Compliance gaps against GDPR graphical illustration.
Roadmap for GDPR compliance with recommendations for immediate action.
Instructions and recommendations for building an agile but robust data protection framework.
Information on organization’s  future technology choices on data protection and security.
Snapshot of GDPR legal landscape and organization’s potential exposure.
Easy, fast potential breach reporting.
Vendor risk management for audits.

Data Risk Remediation
In CubeIQ we have the tools, methods and processes with which we can support any business that maintains and manages individuals’ personal data to be compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679/EU.
Data Encryption Systems and Hardware Security Modules – HSM.
Data at Rest Protection, Unstructured Data, Structured Data, Databases, Disks and Files protection & encryption, Key Management.
Data in Motion Protection, Network and WAN protection & encryption - Ethernet Encryptors.
Full PKI Environment Deployment, PKI Encryption & Decryption, Signatures and Certificates Generation & Authentication.
Multi - Factor Authentication, Physical OTP (Time & Event) tokens, soft OTP, Out of Band – OOB OTP, Mobile OTP, and Pattern based OTP.
Digital Rights Management for Document Distribution, Adobe PDF and Microsoft Office Documents Protection.
Physical & Logical access control, Physical access control with Centralized Management, Same medium Physical & Logical access control with Centralized Management.
End point security, Clientless End point security for Monitoring and Enforcing Security Policy.

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