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GDPR On Websites

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Website GDPR Compliance

GDPR Minimum Requirements on Websites:
  • Websites and apps must have a cookie consent option (this is a long ago requirement)  
  • Websites need to have a cookie policy
  • Websites need to have a detailed Privacy Policy
  • Websites need to present a detailed Terms & Conditions document
  • Subject Access Request (SAR): You must give users a way to request to see all the data you maintain and process on them.
  • Right to Be Forgotten: You must give users a way to request that you delete all the data you have on them

Our WebGDPR internet based application makes you websites, your webpages and your web based applications GDPR compliant without coding and in very short time by combining several GDPR compliance requirements such as:
  • Cookies Consent Management
  • Cookies Policy Presentation
  • Subject Access (Data) Request
  • Data Deletion Request
  • Terms & Conditions Presentation
  • Privacy Policy Presentation

WebGDPR™ Application for Websites and Web Application GDPR Compliance
Works on Every Website
  • WebGDPR™ has been built to work with all existing websites technologies such as normal HTML, CMS (WordPress, Joomla …) or 3rd party page builder.
Cookie Consent Control
  • WebGDPR™ supports cookie consent. Cookie consent is where users must agree for the Web Site to create cookies. Cookies are essential for most marketing functions, so getting users to agree is important, and doing it without agreement is illegal.
  • Normally it would need a special script, app or plugin just for this.  WebGDPR™ handles cookie consent in the right way and without additional coding.
Full Customization
  • WebGDPR™ Application is fully customized. All content generated from WebGDPR™ can be edited and customized and even videos and images can be added to what is shown to users. Fonts, colors, text and content are customizable … everything that is shown to a website. Customizing all that are shown makes the website or web application compliant, without it ruining the look and feel.
Subject Access (Data) Request
  • Another GDPR requirement is to give users a way to request all the data that the company is maintaining on them. In WebGDPR™ we have built this request function into the application. Users fill out the form, the request arrives to the specified account mailbox and then, complying with the request, all the data that the company is maintaining on them can be provided back.
Data Deletion Request
  • Data Deletion is one more GDPR requirement. Users can request to “be forgotten” which means that all data that the company is maintaining on them have to be deleted (unless there is another regulation or legislation that required all or part of the data to be retained). This is another function that has been automated into the applications. Users fill out the form, the request arrives to the specified account mailbox and then the designated company officer will act upon and notify back the users.

WebGDPR™ Application Exhibits Features such as:
Cloud Hosted
  • WebGDPR™ is an internet based application and it is hosted in the cloud. You do not need to download or install anything locally. Simply log in, click create, add or edit some basic info and save it. Then copy and paste one (1) line of code to the site you need to make compliant, and you are done.
Fast Implementation
  • Trying to become GDPR compliant without WebGDPR™ would require 3 or 4 applications, a lot of coding and multiple edits in different websites. WebGDPR™ makes it as fast as it can possibly be, covering all GDPR requirements for websites without needing any special technical skills.
All in One Place
  • With WebGDPR™, all websites GDPR compliance requirements are covered in one place. If you need to add a new Terms & Conditions text, you can do it for all your websites by simply making one (1) edit. This is a huge time saver. Imagine how long it would take if you used a plugin or manual code, and you had to edit it in ten (10) different website.
Location Intelligence
  • WebGDPR™ supports location intelligence technology. You can set up your GDPR campaign to show only to website visitors from the EU, or if you want you can set it to show to everyone. It is up to your policy on GDPR compliance. We have built this function into WebGDPR™ application to give you maximum flexibility.
Consent Logging
  • As part of GDPR requirements, you must log when a user accepts your terms and thereby consents to your use of their data.  We have built this functionality into WebGDPR™ application and all website users’ consent data is stored and can be accessed by the designated company officials at any time.

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