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ComplyAdvantage Company Profile

ComplyAdvantage™ is our main partner for providing Global Sanctions and Watchlist, Politically Exposed Persons Data and Adverse Media Databases.


ComplyAdvantage™ is a team of financial crime compliance experts, engineers and data scientists passionate about building better solutions to stop money laundering and terrorist financing.

Founded in 2014, ComplyAdvantage™ launches an intuitive AML screening and monitoring solution with a proprietary, real-time AML risk database, backed by  Balderton Capital, one of the largest Europe-focused venture funds, and a major investor in early-stage technology and data companies and with its flexible and easy to configure technology has achieved  350+ customers  (2018) across Banking, Payments, Lending, Insurance, Cryptocurrency and Gaming industries.Trusted by companies around the world, help them more effectively manage their AML Risk with intuitive, easy to configure tools and real-time, comprehensive data.

Santions & Compliace Databases
ComplyAdvantage™ provides a series of comprehensive (SDN) databases for effectively manage AML risk:
Global Santions database

Global sanctions list coverage monitored in real-time, including OFAC, UN, HMT, EU, DFAT and many more lists from around the world.

Thousands of government, regulatory and law enforcement watchlists, from Interpol to niche regional police lists, plus probity and fitness lists from across the globe.
Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)
Proprietary global database of PEPs in 200+ countries continuously checked for updates. Easy-to-understand PEP categorization in risk classes according to FATF guidelines. PEP profiles enhanced with connections, relatives, close associates, pictures & media articles.
Adverse Media
Database of entities with adverse media categorized by risk stage, age & crime type. Five (5) to eight (8) Million Media Pages analyzed per day across all major global languages, e.g. Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish & many more. Easy to navigate articles for each entity with key snippets and clear sources,

ComplyAdvantage™ provides a number of integrared, web based, solutions to mitigate and manage AML Risk.
AML Onboarding & Monitoring
Safely automate onboarding and monitoring processes and empower your compliance team to make better decisions faster
AML Payments Sections Screening
Screen transactions for Sanctions/AML compliance and stop payments in real-time while maximizing straight-through-processing
AML Transaction Monitoring
Automatically identify, investigate and rapidly react to suspicious behaviors in real time or retrospectively whilst minimizing unnecessary alerts

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