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AML Partners  established in 2006 with HQ in New Hampshire,  USA is a Behavioral Risk software-development and consulting firm designs and develops BSA/AML/CDD Software Solutions and eGRC solutions powered by the RegTech One™ platform to address enterprise analytics and risk related to eGRC concerns such as anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing, technology protocols, employee and vendor risk, and more.

AML Partners™ as a leader in BSA/AML/KYC/CDD Compliance; brings qualities that are incredibly distinct and critically important to the fields of Regulatory Compliance. With strong and extensive experience and expertise in BSA/AML/KYC/CDD Compliance, Behavioral-Risk mitigation in various sectors, Risk Management, Workflow Processes Management, Financial-Services Technology and Data Systems, Technical Project Management and Custom Software Development across industries delivers software solutions uniquely tailored to the needs of these enterprises.

eGRC Platform

RegTech One™, the ‘Power of Everything,’ provides a single platform from which to run multiple regulatory compliance programs at institutions of every size. With API installations and configured workflows, default or customized, RegTech One™ provides a single platform, fully configurable and scalable, for every eGRC need, including end-to-end AML/CTF, CECL, FCPA, Vendor Management, Cyber-Risk Assessments, and other Regulatory Technology or Business Process Management requirements. RegTech One™ features:
  • Secure, flexible, and scalable platform
  • Fully dynamic multi-dimensional Risk Engine
  • Advanced ‘Holistic Screening Engine’
  • Dynamic workflows
  • Drag-and-drop configurability
  • Binary and RESTful APIs
  • Encryption at rest and in transit
  • High-speed horizontal scalability
  • Built for 3rd-party customization
  • Maximum automation, extension

AML Software Platform

Sanctions Screening: SURETY Sanctions Screening
  • True Fuzzy-¬Logic Screening System
  • Use any combination of five algorithms for advanced Fuzzy Logic Screening
  • Algorithms include Soundex, Levenshtein Distance, and Jaro-Winkler along with two proprietary algorithms
  • Algorithms support international naming conventions
  • Proprietary algorithms specialize in identifying various attempts at deception such as concatenation
  • Automatic downloads of both sanctions and non-sanctions lists from OFAC
  • Provides option of turning off or on the scanning of “weak a.k.a.” from OFAC
  • Supports all major Sanctions lists including various subscription services
  • Supports screening of internal lists like employees and vendors
  • Significantly reduces false positives due to white listing at the customer level
  • Automatic 15‐minute updates available
  • Delta changes available every 15 minutes
  • Changes, only lists and full lists provided when changes are detected
  • Configurable from 100% match to as low as 1% probability match
  • Various workflow configurations available
  • Fully integrated with the SURETY Eco, our end-to-end BSA/AML Ecosystem

  • Dynamic Risk processing engine
  • Fully integrated with onboarding processes
  • Complete KYC Data Collection, Organization, and Storage
  • Dynamic Question Collection
  • Dynamic Workflows
  • “Comply-On-The-Fly” Technology
  • Email enabled Workflow
  • Full Content Management
  • Integrated Watch List and Negative News Screening
  • Audit/Examiner Control Center
  • Audits to Track All Changes
  • Security Audits to Track System Changes
  • Fully integrated with the SURETY Eco, our end-to-end BSA/AML Ecosystem

Transaction Monitoring: SURETY Behavior Monitoring with Optional Subpoena-Search/314a
  • Uses transaction history to monitor behaviors
  • Significantly reduces false positives due to white listing at the customer level
  • Optional 314a Module with fuzzy logic screening of names and fully encrypted workflow
  • Easy to use and highly configurable system
  • Supports any type of financial institution; banking, money services businesses, etc.
  • Fully configurable parameter‐driven behaviors
  • Behaviors may be turned off or on individually as need arises
  • Individual behaviors have their own schedules set up by the institution
  • Cases generated from behaviors may be searched, reviewed, annotated, and/or approved
  • Application supports automatic generation of SAR and CTR files for electronic filing
  • Transaction field names and counter-party types may be renamed and custom fields added
  • A true role-based and risk‐based system with tunable permissions
  • Available as a stand-alone module or as part of SURETY Eco, our end-to-end BSA/AML ecosystem

BSA AML Solution:  SURETY Eco®
SURETY® Eco delivers a revolutionary end-to-end and fully integrated BSA/AML/CFT ecosystem that includes the following BSA/AML software solutions:
  • SURETY Sanctions Screening
  • SURETY-Behavioral Monitoring (Transaction Monitoring) with optional 314a Module
  • Cross-Module Query System accesses all data in all base modules
  • Dynamic Risk Modeling for finely grained risk ratings and analysis
  • Dynamic workflows with user-based permissions
  • Fully configurable Question Management System with array of trigger options
  • Allows you to work smarter and more efficiently and with customized analytics
  • Reduces your research time by 50 percent
  • Facilitates ‘Your Work Your Way’ Dashboard ease, highly configurable, dynamic workflows, and user-based permissions
  • Customized, user-friendly interface, configurable per user
  • Fully configurable user-based, permissions system
  • Advanced, fully configurable email notification system
  • Full audit trail in both users’ actions (the who, what, and when is logged) and field content change

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